In celebration of reaching 3500 followers, I am holding a “Draw with me questionnaire. Basically I’m opening the floodgates to you guys and gals, and allowing for any questions that you can think of. Send them to me in an ask and I will answer them with a drawn reaction!!!!!! I’m really excited to finally be doing something like this and hope you guys take advantage of it <3 Have an awesome day my lovelies. 


i love your blog and want to follow similar.. do you have any suggestions?

Oh goody!
Well when it comes to these kind of blogs you just have to go for it and not look back. I would suggest making sure you have an interesting theme. Get creative with it so people like what they are looking at. Also, make sure you post the best quality content you can find. I have a rule for what I post. “If it doesn’t bring pleasure to myself, it wont be put on the blog” But I’m also a picky person x3
Lastly, be yourself, sure we get to hide behind the screens of our computers and smart phones. But we still should act somewhat how we do in public. You dont want to lie to your fans xP
If you have any other questions just ask ♡

"Oh… Oh my, looks like you might be a little pent up. *Takes a long lick up her shaft* I am feeling very knotty right now.*bends over* So go ahead… get your fill. I won’t rest until I’ve been knotted thoroughly, and you have been milked dry."

  • Artist: Wolfy-nail
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